Discovering the Loire Valley

Explore sumptuous castles and their gardens, discover exceptional vineyards, visit one of the world top Zoo parks, ride a bike, a horse, a balloon, a kayak or a sailing boat:  a whole palette of adventure, sensations and emotion is awaiting you between culture and nature.

Vouvray is ideally located

Radiate easily from Le Gaimont to discover all the riches of the Valley of the Kings, from Chinon to Chambord and from Chenonceau to Beauval.
Visite d'Amboise | Maison d'hôtes Le Gaimont

The Royal City of Amboise

The medieval city of Amboise is home to the Chateau Royal and the Clos-Lucé, the last home of Leonardo da Vinci. A remarkable market is held on the banks of the Loire every Sunday morning.

15' from Le Gaimont
Chaumont sur Loire | Maison d'hôtes Le Gaimont

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

Magnificent chateau, grandiose stables, English park and contemporary art everywhere. Each year its International Garden Festival from March to November is a must.

30' from Le Gaimont

Château de Chenonceau | Maison d'hôtes Le Gaimont


Spanning the Cher, the sumptuous home of Catherine de Medici is the most visited. Its formal french gardens and the bouquets elaborated by the finest craftsman in France are just magnificent.

30' from Le Gaimont


Like a diamond placed on its reflecting pool, built under the patronage of King Francis the First, subtle blend of French tradition and innovative Italian decor, it is an icon of the new art of building in the Loire Valley in the 16th century. 

30' from Le Gaimont

Zooparc de Beauval

The 4th most beautiful zoo in the world, and the largest zoo in Europe, accommodates its protected guests in very good conditions.

50' from Le Gaimont


We no longer present this Renaissance gem that came out of the imagination of a king in the middle of the forest. Remarkable staircase with double revolution, singularly contemporary fireplaces, 5 centuries of talent contemplate you.

50' from Le Gaimont

Royal Fortress of Chinon

Exceptional medieval fortress, of major historical importance, it dominates from its rocky outcrop a charming town

50 'from Gaimont

Cité royale de Loches | Maison d'hôtes Le Gaimont

Cité royale de Loches

The magnificent city shelters the Royal Palace and the Forest of Books Festival, the literary pre-entry. The neighboring village-garden of Chédigny is an exceptional visit.

60' from Le Gaimont

Vignobles du Vouvray | Maison d'hôtes Le Gaimont

Exceptional Vineyards

- Terroirs rich in diversity: Vouvray, Montlouis, Bourgueil, Chinon, Saumur, Cheverny 
- Varieties with a strong personality: Chenin Blanc, Gamay, Malbec, Cabernet

- Passionate and talented winegrowers

Cultural activities

- Museums

- Exhibitions

- Festivals

Sport Activities

- Golf

- tennis

- Horse riding

- Canoe Kayak